How to make your own vegetable garden

There are a lot of options for vegetable gardeners these days, but if you don’t have the time to buy the equipment yourself, here are a few easy and effective ways to get started.What you’ll need: A kitchen scale, a food processor or blender, a small bucket of vegetable matter and a plastic container.If you…

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There are a lot of options for vegetable gardeners these days, but if you don’t have the time to buy the equipment yourself, here are a few easy and effective ways to get started.

What you’ll need: A kitchen scale, a food processor or blender, a small bucket of vegetable matter and a plastic container.

If you don, you can buy a large bucket of organic material such as soil, manure or compost from a local farm.

You can also use a vegetable garden planter or a garden tool kit.

You’ll also need a garden knife, a pest-control brush and a good amount of compost.

Make sure the container is well filled and you use it with care.

You may need to fill it halfway or a third of the way to get the maximum amount of soil.

After you’ve got all the ingredients in the container, set it aside to wait for the compost to dry.

A quick check on the garden should reveal the number of leaves and seeds in the compost.

If the number is less than a handful, the soil is too wet.

Use your garden knife to remove any soil and place it in the bucket.

When the compost is completely dry, mix in the remaining ingredients.

You should end up with something that looks like this.

If it looks like it has a little bit of dirt, it’s probably too wet and needs to be mixed more thoroughly.

When you’re finished, place the lid back on the container.

This will prevent the plant from getting too much water.

Add more compost to the garden as needed.

Repeat steps one to four until you have a complete garden.

If your garden doesn’t look like this, the nutrients in the soil will have mixed in too much and will not have the desired effect.

If this is the case, mix more compost and add a few more leaves and then repeat steps one and two again.

The results are usually pretty good.

Once you have everything in place, you’re ready to start planting.

Here’s how to start your own garden.


Get your garden container Ready Before you start planting, take your garden soil and make sure it’s well-drained and saturated.

This is important, because water can seep into the soil and spoil your vegetable garden.

Make a planter out of a kitchen scale.

The planter can hold up to a few litres of soil, but is more suitable for bigger pots.

Make it as tall as you can and put the soil in the centre.

Fill the centre of the planter with about three metres of compost and cover it with a layer of plastic.

Cover the planters top with a thin layer of compost material.

Put a potting soil mixture in the middle and pour in a few inches of water.

When water runs out of the container and starts to fill up the bottom of the pot, push the pot into the top and water again.

You’re now ready to plant.

Make your plans Now you’re planting, it is time to find a good spot for your vegetable.

Pick a suitable spot and mark a place where you want to put your vegetable on top.

If there are weeds growing up, make sure they’re in a good place.

Make several adjustments to the spot and watch them grow.

If they don’t budge, move on to step four.


Plant Your Vegetable Planting can be an easy process, but don’t worry if it looks a little messy.

Most vegetables can be planted at this stage.

You want to plant them where they are best suited for growing and the plant will take care of itself.

Make adjustments to your planting plan in step three.

Place the top of your garden plant in a pot, with a lid on top and at least two or three leaves and a few seeds on top, just in case you need to cover them later.

Make another adjustment to the planting plan, this time in step four: Add a little more soil at the top.

Put in a couple of bags of compost for a few plants.

If a few weeds are growing up on the top, you may need more of the compost in the pot.

Plant the top plants in a sunny spot and cover with plastic.


Set the Vegetable Garden Planter A planter works well for small plants.

You don’t need to make the plan as tall or as wide as a regular garden pot, so the pots height will depend on the size of your plants.

Place your planter in a suitable location and cover the top with compost.

Leave the lid on, but let the compost sit on the lid for about three to five days.

You need to let the plant dry completely, so put a lid or a piece of paper over it for 24 hours.

After that, check the soil for any moisture.

If soil is wet, you need more water and an extra bucket of compost will help you get the necessary amount.

After a few days, put the lid off and leave it to dry for a couple more days.

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